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7 Questions to ask your contractor

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why work with zeljko?

One great reason is our 3-D Design.

Right up front, we show you exactly what we plan to build. We literally walk you through the initial design so you can see what you are getting. Then we talk about the details – the fixtures, the colours, the materials – so you will get the design, quality and feel you want at the price you need – in a timeline that works.

It all starts with a plan

A solid plan is where quality starts.

You can count on Solid Wood Home Services to be on site. He has the knowledge to make sure things are done right and done in the proper sequence. Within every plan, Solid Wood Home Services oversees the mechanical, the electrical, the construction and the unforeseeable!

He knows everything is easy if you insist on doing things correctly right from the beginning and you stick to the plan. Then you are building on a solid foundation that lasts.

Solid experience pay off!

When you hire SOLID WOOD HOME SERVICES you are getting years of experience going to work on your special project.

It is important to see the whole picture and properly line up operations, material supply, debris removal, and schedule inspections, from small renovations to whole home renovations SOLID WOOD Home Services gets the job done right! And that saves time, money and frustration for both you and the crew.

Solid experience means solid results.


You know what you want! You have dreams, aspirations and ideas for your renovation. That’s why our work process always starts with you.

We sit down and listen to all your needs. Then we ask guiding questions to flesh out any missing details. Our years of solid experience mean you can count on us to know what needs to be done and all the steps required to deliver a project that exceeds your expectations.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

We give you a discount and flexibility.

What most people do not realize about renovations is all the hundreds of decisions that need to be made by the client. Picking fixtures, tiles, appliances, light fixtures, door handles, windows, doors can be overwhelming if you have never been through the whole process before.

Solid Wood Home Services assists with choosing the right fixture and where to buy. Contractors discounts when possible are passed to a client. Best of all, when what you have chosen isn’t right – we will return it and let you pick it out again – and we will install it again.

Flexibility is key! We work with you, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

Solid Reviews from our clients