7 Questions
To Ask Your Contractor

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Zeljko Stojsavljevic, President
Solid Wood Home Services

“Often I figure out the source of the problem that other contractors have missed. This saves time and money that strata councils truly appreciate.”


What do you need attended to?
Leaks, floors, drywall, windows – Solid Wood Home Services is more than a restoration company he is your onsite expert that fix it all.

Can’t figure out why a building is leaking, or how to save money without sacrificing quality?
Solid Wood Home Services knows it is never just one thing that solves a problem. It is a culmination of knowledge, the patience to work through each project never missing a step, and finally not compromising on quality. That’s why he offers a warranty that promises you SOLID CRAFTMANSHIP every time!


Strata property managers can rely on 20 plus years of experience in construction, electrical and mechanical expertise.

Solid Wood Home Services always works at providing the most reliable and economical solutions. Utilizing best practices innovations that delivery the solution on time and on budget.


As property manager’s we understand that you are lacking the time, having miscommunication with council members, and sometimes don’t understand the root of the problem.

Give Solid Wood Home Services a call and we will contact the strata member or tenant/owner in a timely manner.

Our professional experience and ability to investigate allows us to provide a detailed report with pictures, descriptions, and full explanation of the issue and what is involved and required to solve the problem and repair the damage.